In The Bitterness Of Our Souls


(Demo, 2004)


1-At the Edge of the Cliff

2-The Autumn of the Withetred Roses

3-Bleak Remembrance

"In The Bitterness Of Our Souls" (Demo cd, 2004 ) is the whole declaration of intentions of the way that was going to be followed. Three songs loaded with sadness, despondency and pain for all that has been snatched to us. Three songs loaded with loneliness, sadness and despair for everything what has been snapped up. This Demo mixes a contemporary sound with classical orchestrated instruments.

Additional note: This Demo is currently sold out after selling the thousand copies that were edited in its day.

"We are facing a band of Doom/Gothic Metal of Classic trend. The present demo is composed by three lengthy topics that wrap you in their darkness, achieving the most gloomy environment possible, interesting project that undoubtedly is up to international bands that practice the same style."
-Hell Awaits

"Excellent presentation of this demo as what goes through the ears does not disappoint at all. "In The Bitterness Of Our Souls" is a good album, a solid work that can make itself a place between the bands of the style. We are wishing to listen to their classic pianos, their melancholy melodies, and their good work at playing Doom/Gothic Melodic Metal. Do not delay too much time!."
-Heavy Rock